Monthly Monitoring

  • Basic

    Direct managed alarm communication from customer’s premise to central station, with carrier outage supervision. 

  • Standard

    Basic features plus:

    2-Way Voice service, Z-Wave device control, Scenes & Event Schedules

  • Home Automation

    Standard features plus:

    Remote access video service with local SD card* in camera storage with up to fourteen (14) days continuous recording based upon camera confguration and activity within the camera’s feld-of-view. Event recordings are backed up to Cloud. Includes up to 4 cameras, 250 events per month cloud storage and notifcations. 


How do I put my panel into enroll mode?

Press and hold the red button on the side of the panel for 3 seconds. Then you will see a red flashing light on the front next to the symbol that looks like a padlock. 

How do I change my passcode?

First be sure you have the Connect+ installer app on your device. After enrolling your panel with the app scroll down and select 'Users', then select 'edit duress pin'.

My door sensors aren't connecting to my panel

Be sure you have correctly connected your panel to the 'connect+ installer' app. Then in the app select 'Panel Configuration', 'RF Translator Protocol', then the correct type of sensors you are using. Once this is finished, put the panel in enroll mode and turn on your sensors. They will read in automatically when previous steps are done correctly. 

Buy Crorzar DIY Kit + Full Home Automation

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